New Moon in Sagittarius

Maxfield Parish's Ecstacy

New Moon Sunday at 12:39 pm in Sagittarius. This is a perfect time to expand your vision for what you want for yourself and the world. A New Moon is when the Sun and Moon are conjoined together in the same zodiac sign, in this case 13 degrees of Sagittarius. Let your imagination lead you, consider things you might think are beyond your reach. This is not the time to put blinders on your vision for yourself. It is the time to reach for the stars.

From this New Moon until the Full Moon on December 21st, which is also going to be a Lunar Eclipse, keep thinking about what you want to happen in your life. Then on the Full Moon, you can take aim and let your hopes and dreams take flight. Don’t hold back. Right now is the time to imagine yourself at your greatest possibility.

December 21st is the Winter Solstice, as well as the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. It is going to be a very big day to begin to bring your vision into manifestation. So you want to give yourself plenty of time over these next two weeks to really think about what you want. For example, create a vision board using images from magazines to express all the things you are interested in experiencing. Write down a vision and say it to yourself every day. When writing a vision always write in the present tense, and do not use negatives. For example, don’t say: “I will quit smoking and lose weight.”Instead say: “I can breathe deeply in my lungs which are healthy and clean, and I feel great about my body which is  limber and strong.”