Full Moon in Scorpio

May 14, 2014.  This month the Sun is in Taurus, so the Moon is in the opposite sign of Scorpio. These two signs are not as different in meaning as one might at first assume. Taurus is an earth sign and deals with practical issues including the things we want to manifest in our lives. Taurus loves the material world and experiencing it with all five senses of taste, touch, sight, smell, and hearing. Taurus appreciates things that are solid and lasting and have practical purpose, so it is understandable that this is the Sun sign that oversees the physical labor that goes into the creative act of planting the fruits and vegetables that we will harvest later in the fall.

The Full Moon is in Scorpio, a water sign associated with the unstable, passionate, transformative and taboo energies that run beneath the surface of our world. These energies often stay locked in dark places since their sudden eruption can disrupt the smooth surface of our life with an emotional tsunami caused by an sea-quake or volcanic eruption. Scorpio also wants to manifest, but on an emotional level where it can have deep connections, intensity, and passion.Plow

The place where Scorpio Moon and Taurus Sun connect is through the surface of the earth. Taurus is visible above the earth with its fertile fields and lush harvest. Scorpio is invisible below the earth, in the molten lava and dark unexplored crevices.  The earth is the ground that both separates them and holds them together.

One action on which Scorpio and Taurus agree is the act of plowing. Taurus likes it because plowing is necessary to sow the fields with seeds for the next harvest. Scorpio likes it because plowing a field  brings the things that are underground up to the surface. Plowing the soil adds depth and fertility to the fields, guaranteeing a more abundant harvest.

For You: To chose which seeds to plant you must first figure out what you wish to harvest. Don’t just grab any old seeds that happen to be close at hand. Really take some time and think this through. Plowing, Planting, and Harvesting a field is a lot of work. Be sure that you end up with something worth the effort and that will give you pleasure in tending and pride in harvesting. As you plow you will find stones and rocks and other hard objects that get in the way of your planting. This is like when you dig into the life experiences of your past and you find many hard places that have been obstacles in your path. Seeing these hard places can be difficult and painful.  Scorpio is saying that you can’t ignore the dark hard places. But Taurus is reminding you that you can’t stay too long looking at the pains of the past or you could stay forever lost in the underworld, adrift in the river Styx. When an old hard rock of the past comes to the surface while you are plowing your field, pick it up, look at it and toss it to the side and keep working. Don’t let it take you away from your task of growing your life. You may find that you uncover enough stones that you can build a rocky wall around your field, turning what your thought were weaknesses into strong protection.

Full Moon in Scorpio April 25-27

by Eric Williams

These beautiful images capture the essence of Taurus and Scorpio. Taurus the Bull represents solid grounded earth energy. The Sun is in Taurus every year in late April when the earth become fertile and life creates anew. Taurus is about creating things of substance that we can count on. Taurus energy is determined and patient, willing to wait for the seeds to grow and the new life to sprout.

Scorpio is the opposite energy from Taurus. While Taurus wants to create, Scorpio wants to destroy. While Taurus wants the simple pleasures of a good life, Scorpio wants to seek the mysteries and delve into the depths of the unknown.

Scorpio by Eric Williams

The Scorpion stinger is always ready to strike, and death is just a moment away. This push towards death and the underworld is not because there is anything essentially vicious about Scorpio. It is just the nature of life to transform and to push to deeper levels. Scorpio moves silently beneath the ground of the Taurus bull, who is unaware that the solid life he is building is threatened by forces that are unknown and unknowable.

This month the Full Moon seeks to find a balance between the forces of creation and destruction, between life and death. It seeks to find the pivot between building up and tearing down, between providing a teat for milk that can heal and a stinger that delivers toxins that can kill.

Super Full Moon Saturday May 5 @ 11:35 pm edt

Katniss from The Hunger Games

The Full Moon in Scorpio is a powerful place. It combines the nurturing quality of the Moon with the fierce and unforgiving energy of Scorpio. Artemis represents the Moon as a strong female, at home in nature and confident within herself. We can see a modern interpretation of Artemis in the portrayal of Katniss, the main heroine of The Hunger Games.  Katniss has an integrated balance between yin and yang. She carries her bow and arrow and is a fierce and skilled warrior, but she kills only to protect those she loves. Her goal is not to win for personal glory, but to save her family and friends. There is even an Apollo figure in her close companion Peeta, who is engaged in what could be seen as more yin pursuits. He is a baker, a cake decorator, and when called on to protect himself, he uses his skill of camouflage and disappearance. He is an artist who is motivated by love and devotion as he finds his way through the game of life. This movie that pits violence, superficiality, and oppression against values of love, family, and sacrifice has struck a note in our national psyche. The combination of balanced masculine and feminine energies create the shift that Katniss and Peeta’s society so desperately needs. This is a modern day myth, pointing the way to our own personal and societal transformation so that we might never see the fractured world of The Hunger Games.

To Do: This entire weekend, from Friday to Monday morning, will be filled with the light of the Moon. During this weekend try to slow down. Take deep breaths, engage in your body, eat more mindfully, let others go in front of you in line, and allow yourself time where you have no agenda. Imagine that you are in a perfect place of balance; not a static rigid place that you need to defend, but a flexible, moving point of balance that rises and falls like the ebb and flow of life. When you find that place of balance within yourselves you can find a way to be a creative, musical, healer who is in touch with your inner knowledge. When you find that place of balance you are powerful, clear, and directed, taking aim with intention to bring your goals into manifestation. You might be thinking that such balance is too much to hope for. But in fact, it is the natural order of things. Day and night find their moving point of balance, Sun and Moon dance through the month as they come close and then move apart again. Life is always changing. Take this Full Moon as a time to slow down, and participate in the flow of life

Full Moon in Taurus

Taurus by Augusta Lucas-Andreae www.rosemandala.com

Thursday, November 10, 2011

During this Full Moon you have the opportunity to find the union between Scorpio Sun and Taurus Moon. Scorpio pushes to the surface a desire for meaningful transformation. Connected to the underworld by its association with Pluto, Scorpio has the heat of deep volcanoes and molten lava. This is the energy we are harnessing now at the Full Moon. This is the fire of passion that heats the crucible and brings the opposites into union. This month you can unite the opposing forces with your passionate desire for a better world.

The Full Moon is in Taurus. An earth sign, Taurus reminds us of the value of realistic appraisals and practical action. It is the ground upon which we walk, the earth upon which we live, the soil and water from which we produce. Taurus the Bull is patient, but powerful. It stands its ground until threatened, and then it charges, full force, into action. Right out of nowhere, things change. Taurus is reminding us to pay attention. Notice what is really happening, be aware of the truth of the matter. Taurus is providing us with the container, the crucible, for our transformation. Taurus has alerted all the earth creatures to help us in shifting our consciousness so that we see the bigger picture, and acknowledge our responsibility is not only to ourselves, but also to the next seven generations

To Do: As you meditate on this beautiful mandala notice that it contains images for Taurus. See the Bull, joined at the center in Notice the abundance of plants and flowers, surrounded by the symbol for Venus, goddess of Love. Let yourself be pulled down into the earth, feel its richness, its patience, its ability to give us life and growth. Imagine a rich and fertile world where we are all pregnant with possibility.

New Moon in Taurus

by Eric Williams

May 3rd brings a New Moon in the lovely earth sign of Taurus. We really need this solid stable energy of earth right now to counterbalance all the fiery energy created by so many planets in Aries. And here in the South, after the destruction created by multiple tornadoes, the focus for everyone is on the very basics, like food, water, and safety of family. The newspaper today called for donations of nails, hammers, and tarps. People need beds to sleep in, clothes to wear. Taurus energy is about grounding to the earth, taking care of the essentials. Everyone is re-building. Hopefully you aren’t rebuilding from destruction. But even so, maybe you can help someone who is, or take stock of your own foundation and take time to solidify the basic requirements of your life.

This Thursday, May 5th is the 60th annual National Day of Prayer. You can find out more about it at their Website, and see if there are any events near you. It’s nice to join in with thousands of others as a way to strengthen the power of your prayers to earth and heaven.

Sun enters Taurus

by Eric Williams

April 20, 2011  Today the Sun, and all the rest of us, can take a deep breath and relax into the sign of Taurus. Taurus is an earth sign, symbolized by the rock solid bull.  It has been a crazy time with Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus in Aries, a fire sign. And now we have  Venus entering Aries, just to add to the excitement.  To read my post on the Aries riot, click here.

We all need to slow down and connect to the earth, get grounded. It is very easy to go too fast and get burned out. Fortunately we have the reminder of how important  earth energy is to soothing our nerves in the upcoming, Earth Day, Friday, April 22nd. It is essential in our fast paced world to get some real honest to goodness downtime. I find that just sitting outside and listening to the wind, and birds, and watching the changing seasons really centers and grounds me. Some people love to cook, or knit, or work with wood. Anything to slow down our synapses so we don’t overload our circuits.

Find some good Earth Day events near to you, and take the day off from electronics. One whole day with no cell phone, twitter, facebook, email, or internet. Wow, amazing thought.

Full Moon in Taurus

Cosmogonic Tree by Marcia Snedecor

Full Moon in Taurus on Sunday Nov. 21 at 12:27 pm. Taurus is an earth sign. It is as strong and fixed in its nature as Scorpio but in an entirely different way, so it provides a good balance. Where Scorpio wants to heat things up, Taurus wants to cool things down. While Scorpio wants deep emotions, Taurus wants deep roots. The Moon is a nurturing principle and provides a container around you so that you feel protected and safe. With the Moon in Taurus, that protection can be very solid and grounded, holding you so closely that your emotional life can settle down and find a way to express itself. I’ve been listening to Dave Matthews’ song “When the World Ends” all month, and it seems to resonate in me the idea that even in complete chaos there can be safety. He says “Don’t you worry about a thing cause I’ve got you here with me…”  Our inner life can churn and burn as it comes to the surface, but if we are solid in any aspect of our lives we can feel contained and protected enough to allow it happen with some amount of objectivity, even creativity.

During this Full Moon in Taurus ask yourself: What makes me feel safe? What in my life settles me down and provides a solid container? If you don’t have a safety net yet, this Full Moon is a perfect time to think about what you need it to be. It could be a home, relationship, children, job, connection to the Divine, meditation, or nature. The best time for ceremony and meditation is from the Full Moon on Friday night through Monday at dawn when the beautiful ephemeral Moon slips into the west . Ponder these questions all weekend. Journal, dream, talk, draw, drop down grounding roots in guided visualizations. Let safety, protection, and comfort move through your every cell.