Full Moon in Cancer

Susan Seddon Boulet

Susan Seddon Boulet

The Moon is full on January 15, 2014 at 11:52 pm EST. The Moon is very very happy in the sign of Cancer. After a month of traveling through every sign in the zodiac it feels like she has come home to heart and hearth, the place that feels safe, secure, loving and kind. During this Moon she is reminding us that we need that safe loving place to retreat so that we can renew ourselves. It can get crazy out there navigating the world and it doesn’t take long to get overwhelmed by all that we deal with every day. It is easy to get irritable, angry and scared, especially when burdened by the extra concerns brought on by this very difficult winter.

This Full Moon is sending out a flow of love and kindness to bring a balm of peace to each person and to the world. Jupiter, sometimes called the Santa Claus of the solar system due to the generous abundance he spreads, is helping the Moon by increasing the love and light she is sending forth. They are a great pair, a yin and yang combination working together for the greatest good.

This morning right before dawn as I was watching the Moon and Jupiter set, I heard the words “All you need is love.” So simple, but so true. Many of the world’s problems could be solved using loving compassion. This Moon is encouraging us to renew our  capacity to love so that once we are full ourselves it can flow from us to others, like a cup running over.

For You: Find a place in the outer world that feels like what you imagine home and hearth could be – comfortable, safe and secure. It can be your bed, a favorite chair, a cat on your lap, a cup of hot tea in your hands or a tree in the city park. Find the place where you can let go of your burdens, if even for just a while, and fully relax. Once you are in your hearth place, close your eyes and take deep and slow breaths. Scan your body for tension and imagine that someone is gently stroking you, like a mother soothing a restless child, removing tension and bringing ease.  Once your breath is slow and relaxed, use your imagination and look inside at your heart. Like this beautiful picture, imagine your heart is a cup filled with water that is illuminated by the light of the Moon. The water in your heart is pure love and is a balm to your soul. See it gently pouring out of your heart and moving through your entire body, until you feel filled with a peace that goes beyond understanding. Try to find this place of renewal every day so that you have enough loving compassion to share with those near and dear to you, with some left over for a few random acts of kindness.

See Moon and Jupiter conjoined in the sky

January 21, 2013  From around the world on the evening of January 21, 2013, the growing moon will shine right next to Jupiter. From North America, the pair are very close  – closer than we’ll see them again until 2026.  No matter where you are on Earth, look outside tonight for this wonderful pair of objects in the evening sky.  They’ll be the brightest objects in the sky and impossible to miss. They are exactly conjunct at 10:13 pm EST in the sign of Gemini at 6 degrees. Take some time tonight to go outside and make a wish upon the bright “star” by the Moon. With the Gemini energy, its a good time to ask for communication to be improved and conversations to become mindful, especially in our Congress, since today is the Presidential Inauguration, and the beginning of 4 new years of governance. And  anything at 6 degrees Gemini in your birthchart will receive a boost of great energy and momentum to expand.

For wonderful images of the pairing, and more information check out the EarthSky website.

Moon, Venus & Jupiter – oh wow!!

July 15th. This is absolutely worth setting the alarm for. These three lights are spectacular in the pre-dawn sky as they rise together in the East. It took my breath away this morning. This is definitely the time to wish on a star (or planet). Send out your vision for  a safe and nurturing (Moon) expansive (Jupiter) way to connect in love and unity (Venus).

Venus is the 3rd brightest light in the sky, after the Sun and Moon. Jupiter is the 4th. You might see Mars and Saturn in the constellation Virgo in the dark night sky. These planets are much harder to see, but Mars has been pretty visible. It has a reddish glow.

Jupiter and the Moon

That beautiful bright light next to the Aries Full Moon is Jupiter. Go out tonight and tomorrow and put your attention on the realization and expansion (Jupiter) of your most passionate and creative nature (Moon). Uranus is right there too, but too far away to see with the naked eye. Uranus adds a touch of the unexpected and even explosive. So don’t do anything too crazy or risky, it could backfire on you. Balance all this big Arian energy with the love and deep connections of the Libra Sun, and you will find the balance you need to express your most dynamic self.