On 11.11.11 at 11:11  for 11 minutes I will engage in prayer and meditation, feeding the fire and holding the vision for a new birth.  I hope you join me and millions of others who will be turning up the transformational heat through meditations, ceremonies, and gatherings. We all have a part, no matter how small, in this creative moment.  We are at a transformational moment in history, where what we think and do makes more difference than it ever has before. The challenges we face as a planet can seem overwhelming, and the tendency is to shutdown and ignore it all. But for 11.11.11. we need to look at the reality of our situation right in the eye, for the truth of the matter is the fuel for our alchemical transformation. In Alchemy you join together two opposites that are represented by the King and Queen, the Sun and Moon. This union occurs in a crucible which is heated with a creative fire. From that union of opposites a new birth appears. We are right now, at this moment, heating up the crucible so that the opposing forces in our world can be united for a new birth.
Shift of the Ages
In order to move through this transformational period, Taurus asks that we acknowledge the “truth of the matter.” For the first time in history we have the ability to destroy our planet. For thousands of years and hundreds of civilizations we have engaged in cycles of war, economic crisis, and social injustice that appear to be the way we humans typically interact. But today, with our advanced technology, we now are creating a level of destruction that could be impossible to repair. We are destroying our drinking water, our land, our ocean,  our crops, our atmosphere, our environment, and our weather. No matter which story you believe- the Mayan Calendar, Native prophecies,  Christian Apocalypse, or messages from space being – the truth is obvious to anyone paying attention to right here and right now. The stakes have never been higher and it is time to act.
We are the ones we have been waiting for.
11.11.11 is reminding us of the importance of these times and is a lead-in to 12.21.12  We are all here on the planet at this time in history to participate in directing the energy of our hearts, minds, and planetary powers towards something that will be helpful and healing for everyone. Greed is not a virtue. Love is. One day in the far future when I am asked what I was doing during the birth of a new age, I want to be able to answer that I was part of the process of assisting the shift of our planet to one of sustainability and unity. We all have a part to play, and regardless of how small it is, it matters.

International Meditation
on 11.11.11 by Evolutionary Leaders. Everyone can join in and the details are at the link.

Vikki Hanchin
describes many events that are moving us to a place of unity.

Paul Hawken
on positive changes in the world on a Youtube video at a Bioneers Conference.

Generation Waking Up
is a group of young people building a new world

Full Moon Friday Feb 18th

Embrace the Conflict! This is an alchemical drawing of the Sun and the Moon in battle. As you probably know, the Full Moon is a time when the Sun and Moon stand at opposite points in the heavens. Since this month the Sun is in Aquarius, the Moon is in the opposite sign of Leo. At the Full Moon I normally focus on the how the Sun and the Moon can resolve the differences of these opposing signs in order to connect in harmony. But this Full Moon is a time to focus on the conflict. There is an essential difference between the Sun and Moon. The Sun is yang energy, full of push and shove, and penetrating light that fills crevices with force and power. The Moon is yin energy, saturated with softness and filtered light. She dissolves into, softens, and absorbs. The Sun is espresso coffee and the Moon is green tea. Sometimes you need coffee to be alert and on top of things. Sometimes you need tea to slow down and relax.

This image has some similarity to the yin/yang symbol. The Moon holds a shield with an image of the Sun, and the Sun’s shield has an image of the changing Moon. Even though the Sun and Moon are in battle with one another, they are still dependent and interconnected. The Sun is clothed, protected with battle armour, surrounded with the intellectual conventions of what society says we “should” do. The Moon in naked, exposed, vulnerable.  She moves on interior emotion, intuition, and is willing to take the risk of being fully seen.

This month the Sun is forcefully pushing Aquarian energy of social justice, equality, globalization, technology, friendship, visions for the future, working within groups, being interconnected and expanding networks. The Moon is softening into things Leo, which include a strong and solid sense of self, bravery, drama, being on the public stage, having a stake in things, demanding to be seen and heard in an expressive and forceful manner. Both Aquarius and Leo are powerful, fixed, and stubborn. Imagine the events in Egypt and you can see this conflict in action.

For You: The revolution that we watched this week in Egypt is the same revolution that is taking place within you, your relationships, your community, and your country.  From Wednesday night through Saturday give yourself some time to reflect. Find a quiet place, get comfortable, take a few deep breaths and center yourself. Let your thinking quiet down, and let your body easily expand with your breath, like you are a balloon, ready to be filled. Once you have settled into the present, reflect on the situations in your life that are currently in opposition. Oppositions may exist in the exterior world with your partner, children, job, home, ecological sensibilities, and financial reality. Oppositions may exist in your interior world between your head and your heart, your longing to live a life that fully expresses yourself, and your sensible decisions to put hearth and home ahead of dreams for the future.