Full Moon July 3rd @ 2:52 pm edt

When the Moon’s feminine energy¬† is combined with Capricorn’s discipline and drive for success, the result is a powerful, successful and disciplined female. The Greek goddess Athena immediately came to mind as a feminine archetype that knows her own worth and is not afraid to engage in the affairs of the world. Athena is known for her courage, maturity, and sense of responsibility. Born fully armed and seen carrying a shield, she is known as a warrior goddess who protects those loyal to her. Yet she does not like to fight. She prefers to use wisdom and strategy to settle conflicts and only goes to war when necessary. The city Athens is named after her, and her temple is the Parthenon which held her 40 foot tall statue. She gave the people of Athens the olive tree as a symbol of peace and prosperity. She oversees the basic necessities of life including agriculture, industry, and the arts and crafts, particularly weaving. The owl is her bird, symbol of vision and wisdom.

Certainly we can not aspire to be like the goddess Athena. But we can realize that women are just as smart, driven, strategic, wise, crafty, and protective as men. The marginalization of women is one of the great losses in our world’s history. But fortunately that is changing, and more women are stepping up to a larger and more powerful sense of themselves. We see women as world leaders, like Hillary Clinton the the U. S. and Angela Merkel in Germany. There is also the rise of powerful woman leaders in Africa, and in Afghanistan Fawzia Koofi, a mother of two girls, is running for President, in spite of threat by the Taliban. Her inspiring story can be read at CNN.com. And there are thousands of unknown women taking actions in their own communities by starting schools, businesses, and giving their time and energy to build a better world.

To Do: This Full Moon in Capricorn is a perfect time to feel the power that exists within you to be a bolder and more courageous version of yourself. The planet Pluto conjoins the Full Moon to bring an extra boost of fearlessness and tenacity. Take some time over the next few days and quiet your mind and still your heart. Use your imagination and get a picture of what you would be doing in the world if you had no fear of failure, ridicule, or risk. Imagine that you have the goddess Athena on your side and she is using her spear to forge your way and her shield to protect you. What would you do differently if you were your most powerful version of yourself? See yourself doing it, being it, acting it out. Practice in your mind the job interview for that position your thought was more than you could handle. See yourself add your name to the city council election, volunteer to build a new playground, teach gardening to the inner city children. If you could be the power, what would you look like and what would you do? The world needs all your positive actions, large and small.