Full Moon in Scorpio April 25-27

by Eric Williams

These beautiful images capture the essence of Taurus and Scorpio. Taurus the Bull represents solid grounded earth energy. The Sun is in Taurus every year in late April when the earth become fertile and life creates anew. Taurus is about creating things of substance that we can count on. Taurus energy is determined and patient, willing to wait for the seeds to grow and the new life to sprout.

Scorpio is the opposite energy from Taurus. While Taurus wants to create, Scorpio wants to destroy. While Taurus wants the simple pleasures of a good life, Scorpio wants to seek the mysteries and delve into the depths of the unknown.

Scorpio by Eric Williams

The Scorpion stinger is always ready to strike, and death is just a moment away. This push towards death and the underworld is not because there is anything essentially vicious about Scorpio. It is just the nature of life to transform and to push to deeper levels. Scorpio moves silently beneath the ground of the Taurus bull, who is unaware that the solid life he is building is threatened by forces that are unknown and unknowable.

This month the Full Moon seeks to find a balance between the forces of creation and destruction, between life and death. It seeks to find the pivot between building up and tearing down, between providing a teat for milk that can heal and a stinger that delivers toxins that can kill.