Full Moon in Leo

Tuesday, Feb 7th, 2012

We all have a purpose. Some interior light in us burns bright and there is a desire to shine like the Sun. We might try to keep it down, or maybe we don’t know quite what it is, or perhaps we don’t believe in ourselves. But all of that hesitation matters for naught when the Moon is in Leo, because with Leo there is a strong desire to express yourself with visible actions in the world.

Leo, the Lion, is usually thought of as the King of the jungle. Described as a wild and powerful masculine energy, he uses sheer power of will and brute force gets his way. But there is also a feminine Leo energy as seen in Sekhmet, an ancient Egyptian goddess whose name means “she who is powerful.” When we think of goddess energy we usually think of the compassionate loving energy of Kuan Yin, Green Tara, or Mary. But there is another aspect of feminine spirituality that is fierce and powerful,  charging through reality with an intention that is unstoppable. This life sized statue of the lioness Sekhmet was one of hundreds created in ancient Egypt in an attempt to gain the favor of this volatile goddess. Sekhmet was the daughter of the Sun god and her headdress represents her solar qualities. She was known for a belligerent nature, full of fury and aggression. But when pacified, her ferocity could be redirected so that she became a potent and valuable protector of the young and weak.

This Full Moon think about your own fierce nature. Meditate on this powerful image of Sekhmet. See yourself as the fierce lioness. Acknowledge the anger and aggression that you have within yourself. But instead of holding your anger in, which can lead to depression, or directing it to those closest to you, which can lead to conflict, see it as a powerful and useful energy that can be a force for good. See yourself transforming your anger into a stable ball of radiant light that lies within you and surrounds you.  Breathe deep and connect to your clarity, calm, and spiritual wisdom. From that state of calm, focus on your ball of light and using mindful action, direct it purposely into the world.