Full Moon in Leo weekend of Jan 26/27

This Full Moon in Leo says it is time to quit pondering the possible and instead take action on the probable. This Moon says that the world is transforming now, very quickly, and that we need to be ready for this change and participate in it. But to do that we need to look clearly at our lives, narrow our focus, and figure out what is the most probable action to take that will move us forward and give us some success. Steve Jobs understood the Dilemma of the Possible and addressed it by saying: “Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do.”

by Denise Kester

This Moon in Leo is urging us to be leaders in our own lives, and take actions that come from the desire of our hearts, not the “could’ve, should’ve” demands of our minds. Moon in Leo, a fire element, wants us to be radiant in the world, to shine a light for those around us. And that light can be as big as a lighthouse beacon or as small as a birthday candle. That choice is entirely up to you.

For you: On this Full Moon ask yourself: What is one thing I can do in my life right now that is most probable to succeed? It can be any task,big or small. Close your eyes and see yourself taking action on that task. Ask yourself: Am I willing to be the loving leader of my own life? Can I commit fully to accomplishing this one task? Will my passion for it light up my life? Open your eyes and meditate on this beautiful image, which is titled “Well Being Holding the World Together.” Imagine that you and your one probable thing are being embraced with well being by the Universe, surrounding you with strength and protection. Feel your one choice, your one probable thing, as the calm center that grounds you in this ever changing world.