Autumn Begins!!

This morning at 5:05 am EDT the Sun moved into Libra, signifying the beginning of Fall.  And none to soon, I say. In spite of all the challenges of this past summer, we can all look toward this new season with hope in our hearts and vision in our minds.

I love the idea of harvest and have been thinking alot about what I want to harvest in this life. In honor of the Autumn season I brought some offerings to Kuan Yin, and saw her in many ways like Demeter, the loving and caring goddess of the grain. Although these are difficult times for many, there is still much for which to be thankful.

In my Western Humanities class that I teach at UTC, we spent yesterday discussing the wonderful private journal of Marcus Aurelius called Meditations. He was a wise emperor of the 2nd century Rome, and one of the many jewels he said was:

Everything harmonizes with me, which is harmonious to you, O Universe. For me nothing is too early or too late if it is in due time for you. Everything is fruit to me that your seasons bring, O Nature: from you are all things, in you are all things, to you all things return.

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