Full Moon in Virgo

Virgo by Kristin Kest

Virgo by Kristin Kest

March 16th, 2014

This beautiful image is a perfect illustration for Virgo. Virgo is an earth sign who works very diligently to get everything done that needs to get done. She is competent, considerate and smart. She is always working, since there is always something that needs her attention. I love Virgo for her earnest efficiency and sense of responsibility. She makes sure that there is a place for everything, and that everything is in its place.

The challenge for Virgo is that since there is always a task still to complete, she is never finished with her work. She finds it hard to relax, and even at rest her mind is planning the next task. She becomes critical of herself, and instead of appreciating all that she has done, she faults herself for all that still needs to be accomplished. She strives for perfection and comes up short. She is like the student who makes a B+, but instead of feeling joy she judges herself harshly for not making an A.

She is, in essence, like all of us. We all work so hard, either to put food on our tables, to care for our children, or to save the world. And no matter what it is we do, it never gets fully done. Our minds criticize what we haven’t completed, instead of celebrating what we have accomplished. This internal judgement is a major cause of stress in our lives. It seems as if we can never stop, never fully rest, never really be at peace. Cause there is always one more load of laundry still to wash and one more dinner to prepare. And this self-critical nature can also turn outwards, where we find fault in many of the people and things that surround us.

This month our challenge is to find a place of balance between the Moon in Virgo, the part of ourself that works hard by calculating every step of the way, and the Sun in Pisces, the part that flows through life by rising and falling with each passing wave. The Moon is asking us to honor the work and discernment that Virgo brings to our lives, while also finding time to be at ease and feel the peace of a resting heart and mind.

For You: You have both Virgo and Pisces energies within you. Your task this Full Moon is to balance them. It does no good to work with stress and resentment, and it does no good to space out and leave all your obligations behind. Settle yourself into a comfortable place and take some deep breaths and feel your body relax. Tune into the Virgo within you, the part of you that is always on task. Ask her to stop and sit for a while, to share a pot of tea. Let her tell you all the things that she is doing right now. Let her know you appreciate her and that she is doing a very good job. Then remind her of all the things she has accomplished in this life, starting with learning to ride a bike and babysitting for her younger brother. Honor her with a loving list of all that she has done and remind her how much you love the gift she gives every day to keep your life running smoothly. Then, ask her what else she would like to do, if she ever gave herself a day off. A walk in the woods, knitting, meditation, playing with her daughter, swimming in the sea, bird watching, a glass of wine (or two). Send Virgo your deep and compassionate love, hold her close to your chest until you are both vibrating to the rhythm of your heart. Bring Pisces and Virgo into coherence, into harmony with you. Amen….

Full Moon in Leo

Leo by Julle Dillon

Leo by Julle Dillon

February 14th.

Don’t ask what the world needs.  
Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is  
people who have come alive.
~ Howard Thurman

Leo is a powerful and dynamic energy that drives our determination to shine in the world. It is the flame that lights up our self identity.  Often people will hide who they are by being and doing what they think they ‘should’ do. They don’t shine as brightly as they could as they try to please parents, peers, and spouses. We often pay more attention to the expectations of others than the passionate desires in our own hearts. Leo relishes in expressing its creative will and like the King and Queen of the jungle, it takes pride in its accomplishments, has confidence in its decisions and joy in its actions.

For You: This Full Moon is saying that it is time to find what lights you up and then fan that flame until it illuminates your entire being. Let your own passionate enthusiasm direct your life. Ask yourself what makes you the most happy? What activity moves you into ‘flow’, that easy peaceful feeling where time disappears. When do you feel confident? Now that you have identified that inner light, ask yourself what you are willing to do to experience it more often in your life? What changes do you need to make? Make a commitment to create space and time in your life to be who you are and live the life you have imagined.